Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day One...

Its funny how things like this start. I have no idea if this blog will resinate with you, me, or anybody, but it's the fault of some library looking woman in her early 40's passing me in my work truck on 205N. Women in thier mid-40's don't usually stick with me but as she passed, in black and white, a bumper sticker read "Make Tea, Not War."

Why did this catch my attention?? It's not like I'm a tea person... Preferred drug by a long shot is coffee! BUT, I do have a thing for stickers.

This blog will be about randomness based around a passion that I tend to obsess about and live a second life around. I don't care if you tele for two days a year, use them as a tool of your trade, or if your chasing storms and terrain around the West, East, AK or Canada we all get a similar feeling when we drop a knee, find the perfect line through that class V rapid, or survive that epoch descent and burn your forarm on your mtb fork reloading it onto your rig. It's that feeling you get from that experience, which makes great memories... Soo here we go-

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